491. (Video) Evergrande: the end of China’s economic growth?; Huawei pays $500K to lobby White House

Chinese property developer Evergrande is collapsing. But its problems are just the tip of the iceberg. What lies under the water is the now-shaky pillar of the Chinese economy—real estate. In this special report, we look at what Beijing still has left up its sleeve—to convince the Chinese people to ignore widespread issues and human rights abuse, to preserve the economy. And examine exactly how far this teetering domino effect could go. Blacklisted Huawei reportedly spent half a million dollars since July to lobby the White House. Experts warn the Biden administration to hold the line against the telecom giant. In a rare statement, President Biden says the U.S. has the commitment to defend Taiwan when China attacks it. Is this a significant shift of Washington’s policy over Taiwan and China? The White House says no.

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