483. (Video) Examining China’s role in environmental damages; Russia and China launch joint naval drill

Communist China is taking a massive toll on the environment—on land, in the air, and under water. The Asian nation is helping chop down trees—coming in among the world’s top sponsors of deforestation. It’s also overfishing our oceans—accounting for nearly half of all of the world’s fishing activity. And last but far from least—it’s polluting our air. In 2019, Beijing emitted more greenhouse gases than the entire developed world combined. In this special report, we take a look at the magnitude in which China is harming planet earth. And what can be done to stop it. The U.S. Army Secretary says America’s military needs to ask itself some hard questions. That’s as China becomes the major challenge above all else. Russia and China hold joint naval drills in the Sea of Japan. They practiced how to run joint- operations and destroy enemy mines. It’s getting increasingly expensive for Chinese factories to produce goods. That’s partially due to widespread power shortages across the country. The problem is heaping even more risk onto global inflation concerns. And a Former U.S. Secretary of State warns that Beijing may infiltrate Taiwan. That’s through remotely controlling pro-China forces from within.

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