473. (Video) Another border face-off between India, China; Fear over Huawei, explained | China in Focus

During World War I, Great Britain turned its mastery of a crucial technology into a formidable weapon against Germany. Today, another country is aiming to take over the same industry, through one of its star companies. The country is China, and the company is Huawei. In this special report, we look at how the Chinese telecoms company is helping the Communist Party achieve its global ambitions—how far they’ve gone—and what Chinese dominance of that technology could mean for the world. Cities in China’s ShanXi province are submerged in deep water. That’s due to continuing heavy downpours. It’s the biggest rainfall those parts of the province have experienced in nearly 40 years. In China, thousands gather in protest over the unexpected death of a worker. The man went to collect his delayed wages but returned severely burned. Local authorities dispatch crowds of police forces to suppress the protesters. Here are the details.

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