446. (Video) How Beijing supports anti-US terrorists: report; Huawei CFO not extradited, to return to China

Twenty years ago, the terrorist attacks on 9/11 caused two former foes, the United States and China, to become friends in order to fight the war on terror. But just how sincere was the Chinese regime in its motivation? And what cost did the United States pay after taking the Chinese regime’s word? In a new special report, we look at the Chinese regime’s history of supporting terrorist groups—despite vocally condemning them in front of the West—and what the regime is ultimately working toward. Chinese telecom company Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou can now leave Canada and go back to China next year. The U.S. will also withdraw its extradition request to Canada. And is China a democracy? China’s ambassador to the U.S. said yes. And that’s not all. He claimed China’s politics exemplifies the ideas of former U.S. president Lincoln.

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