385. (Video) 1: Could Wuhan Lab Data Acquired by the U.S. Contain Info Linked to China’s Bio Weapons Program?

Could the Wuhan Lab Data Acquired by the U.S. Contain Information related to China’s Biological Weapons’ program? CNN reported that the U.S. intelligence community is still divided over the two theories of the SARS COVID-2 origin, and that the 90-day report is not likely to reveal earth-shattering information. Why is that? The Biden administration has predicted that science, not intelligence, would be the key to discovering the origin of the virus. What does that mean? Also, the U.S. intelligence community has obtained a large amount of bat and rat virus sample data from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Would that be the silver bullet of this probe? I had these discussions with Dr. Xiaoxu Sean Lin, former lab director of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. This is part one of our interview.

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