381. Petion: It’s Time to End the CCP

It’s Time to End the CCP

In its 100-year history, the crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party  include: Causing 80 million deaths among Chinese people; Confiscating private properties at will; Destroying culture, tradition, and environment; Persecuting faith, religion, and free speech; Suppressing dissidents, minorities, and students; Covering-up corruptions, disasters, and, of course, the current pandemic; Exporting revolution, propaganda, and class struggle; Forced organ harvesting; Infiltrating the West; Intellectual property pirating; Drug trafficking; Technology stealing; Internet hacking; Debt trapping and so on, not to mention its genocide crimes against the people of Tibet, Falun Gong, Uyghur and Hong Kong.

One Reaps What One Sows. It’s time for the world to join the epic endeavor to end the CCP’s rule without a war, just like the fall of the Berlin Wall.

To sign the “End CCP” Petition please visit the website https://endccp.com

By signing the “End CCP” Petition, you will join the 300 million+ courageous CCP Quitters, choose, and belong to the Future.

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