379. (Video) EXCLUSIVE: Why Testing COVID Immunity is as Important as Vaccination. Feat. Dr. Hooman Noorchashm

Antibody testing is the gold standard for determining immunity, says immunologist and physician, Dr. Hooman Norchashm. Yet, the CDC and FDA are actively deterring people from testing their immunity. Why? Dr. Noorchashm suggests that the answer to this could lie partly in the phenomena of vaccine spoilage. “It’s a medicine, just like any other medicine. It’s got a failure rate…, and we should accept that.” “They’re worried that a substantial number of people are not going to find out that the vaccine didn’t work for them.” Currently, the delta variant of COVID-19 is being used by the Government to explain the high occurrence of breakthrough infections. However, Dr. Noorchashm suggests, vaccine spoilage is a more likely explanation. While a strong believer in vaccination, Dr. Noorchashm argues that determining individual immunity rather than blanket vaccination is the ‘Achilles heel’ to overcoming COVID-19.

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