375. (Video) An elderly couple drowns in flood; Severe droughts put global hydropower at risk | China in Focus

Fake credentials are shipped from China into the United States. Counterfeit Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) badges were discovered among them. The state of Indiana is investigating the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in America. Officials there are seeking to protect the state’s education system. An elderly couple drowned in Beijing’s floodwaters, following heavy rainfall. Some are blaming a drainage system failure. A Hong Kong parliament member is casting doubt on a Chinese-made vaccine. His test results show a 90 percent loss of antibodies that protect against the infection—just three months after getting the shot. Beijing will soon be keeping an even closer eye on China’s industry. The regime has already been clamping down on a number of critical sectors in the country, prompting major losses for big tech companies. But what’s behind the move?

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