365. (Video) 6 US Companies owned by China that you didn’t know about; US China talk Taiwan in high level meeting

Some of America’s most iconic brands are owned by Chinese firms. We explore how the Chinese Communist Party’s fingerprints are on your screens, in your grocery stores, and in technology companies critical to U.S. national security. The U.S. may be taking up new ways to counter Beijing. The CIA is reportedly considering building a mission center for directly countering the Communist Regime. One of the Chinese Communist Party’s ‘Wolf warrior’ diplomats is in the U.S. He’s the new ambassador to the United States, and just met with his American counterpart, describing Taiwan as their most important issue. Flooding strikes another province in China. Water levels soar, with at least 8000 people affected. And China gives Myanmar’s military government $6 million. Critics say Beijing is supporting the government’s coup.

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