341. (Video) ‘What China does is your responsibility’: Dr. Corr on US investing in China | China in Focus

In this special episode, we sat down with two guests. Dr. Anders Corr, publisher of the Journal of Political Risk, delves into two of his exclusive articles. One reveals just how much money U.S. investors have poured into China since 1992—a whopping $2.3 trillion. He sheds light on the moral and ethical concerns around that. Corr said, “The more that this data is coming out, actually, the more Wall Street is questioning, I believe, some of their investments, and whether these investments can keep going without crashing. Just this last week, the Shanghai stock index has dropped over 6 percent, which is a really big drop. I think that the investors are getting very jittery about China at this point. They’re a bit worried because of that drop—this week’s drop—and you actually do see in the news quite a bit. Now, some concerns … because the government can take your investments in two seconds. And we’ve seen that, that the Chinese Communist Party has no qualms about taking DiDi apart, taking Jack Ma apart, and financial Alibaba. These companies are small companies to that. They’re little ants to be squished for the Chinese Communist Party, they [the CCP] really don’t care. If you’re a billionaire, or a multimillionaire, they will take your money if they can, or if they deem that it’s good for the Party.”

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