334. (Video) Subway station flooded in southern Chinese city; Cyberattacks From China | China in Focus

A Chinese subway station floods after heavy rain. It’s the second one to end up submerged recently—following the disaster in Zhengzhou city. In Tokyo, Chinese athletes are winning lots of medals. But instead of celebrating, they’re apologizing—for not taking home gold. Some say the “gold medals only” mentality is pushing Chinese athletes over the edge. And, people in Beijing are panic buying en masse. That’s amid fears of an upcoming pandemic outbreak. And Beijing isn’t the only city affected.

⏩Special report on #EpochTV: For years, cyberattacks have been a huge headache for the U.S. and its allies. Now for the first time, they’re formally calling out one of the biggest sources in charge behind the scenes. “The U.S. is joining allies around the world to call out the Chinese government for a series of cyber intrusions,” CBS This Morning reported. Randy Grossman, Acting U.S. Attorney, Southern District of California said “This prosecution is unique. This case is about a cyber hacking and economic espionage campaign led by the government of China.” In a special report, we look at just who are these Chinese hackers… How the regime uses the attacks to achieve their strategic goals… “Unsurprisingly, the intrusions targeted industries outlined in the made in China 2025 plan- China’s ten-year plan for targeting strategic advanced technology manufacturing industries for development,” Grossman added. How Beijing is building a massive database —full of details about average Americans. “We’re talking about health histories, their criminal histories… Social Security numbers, biometric fingerprints,” PBS News Hour reported. And what tools the U.S. has to stop it.

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