277. (Video) ‘The CCP Has Infiltrated Every Level of American Education’: Trevor Loudon

How has the communist ideology seeped into American society? And why should people care? In this special episode, we sat down with Trevor Loudon, an author, speaker, and the host of CounterPunch, as well as David Zhang, host of Talking Points, to discuss the rising threat of communism in America, how communist ideology permeated throughout the United States—notably the education system—and why people should care. David Zhang noted, “If we look back, before the 1960s, in general, the American education system was a lot built on this religious base, but also very traditional, very core value-based systems that sort of rooted in our history. … There has been a fundamental shift in what education has been about in America. … Now, the idea is to promote free thinking in a way that you can think however you want. And this has a lot to do with some of the theories that’s been floating around recently. For example, in school, the hottest topic right now is the debate of critical race theory.”

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