268. (Video) Chinese firm harvests genetic data from women; White House: US doesn’t support Taiwan independence

#GeneData, taken during prenatal tests on pregnant women around the world, was sent to a Chinese company. The firm is linked to the Chinese military, but has partnered with U.S. healthcare institutes. The White House says it supports “a strong unofficial relationship with Taiwan.” But not #TaiwaneseIndependence. It’s the Biden Administration’s first public comment on the island, following a hardline speech from Communist China’s leader. TikTok owner ByteDance reconsiders its plans to list in the U.S. That’s amid Beijing’s crackdown on its own tech giants who seek to join the American market. And China opens up about its views on Australia. For the first time, Beijing publicly admits that tariffs on Australian goods were designed as economic punishments. But the nation down under is still profiting off exports to China.

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