254. (Video) Proof of Lab-Leak Could End CCP; Top China Official Allegedly Defects to U.S. Feat. Gordon Chang

If Xi Jinping believes his leadership is about to end, he could do something really dangerous, says US-China relations analyst, Gordon Chang. If rumors of top China official, Dong Jingwei’s, defection to U.S. are true, he could reveal secrets that overturn China’s standing with the U.S, and the world more broadly. The world currently waits in suspense for confirmation that the Coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan BSL 4 lab. While the CCP has done everything in its power to divert investigation of the lab; the evidence continues to mount, forcing many, including scientists, politicians, and media to change their position on the origin of the virus. If Dong Jingwei is still in China, why hasn’t the CCP presented video evidence of this? “Someone of this rank does not defect unless there is political turmoil in Beijing. We can see from this defection if it’s true, that there is great trouble at the top of the Communist Party.” —Gordon Chang Could this suspected defector reveal the origin of the coronavirus?

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