237. (Video) (Exclusive)Source: Defector Said Virus Was Part of BioWeapon Prog.|Why Biden Search for Virus Origin

According to a source, the Defense Intelligence Agency has kept the CCP #defector #DongJingwei for four months under protective custody. #ZoomingIn with SimoneGao ’s Simone Gao conducted an interview with Republican National Committeeman Solomon Yue who has information about DongJingwei. The State Department, White House, and other intelligence agencies just got to know about this in the recent weeks. The source confirmed Dong’s Identity as Deputy Minister of Public Security; Dong revealed U.S. companies and officials help hide the virus origin; DongJingwei also revealed the Chinese government has sensitive information and photos of Hunter Biden. We will post that part of the interview on our membership website: Zoomingin.tv.

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