234. (Video) How We Prevent the ‘Next Pandemic’; Hard-Learned Lesson from the Lockdowns. Feat. Betsy McCaughey

What happens when the next pandemic comes? With little seemingly being done to hold the China regime to account for its role (in at least) spreading the coronavirus, the possibility of another outbreak isn’t so far-fetched. Former Lt. Gov. NY Betsy McCaughey says reforming the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is at the core of what needs to happen to raise America’s defense against further threats. The CDC ‘wants to spend American tax dollars overseas, rather than ramping up public health capabilities in the United States,’ she adds. The trend towards globalism—putting the ‘global society’ ahead of the interests of Americans—lies at the heart of many poor pandemic responses, Gov. McCaughey says. “When Donald Trump at the very beginning of the virus closed down travel with China, many of the people at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were outraged at such an anti-globalist perspective.”

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