173. (Video) History’s Lesson to U.S on Israel-Gaza, China Threat; What Happened to Decoupling from China?

Economics and philosophy scholar, Dr. Dave Brat reveals how the enlightenment, renaissance, and reformation shaped the freedoms and ethics of our times; which he now considers under major threat. He sees the attack on traditional and universal values manifesting globally in the Israel-Gaza violence, and the multi-pronged China threat. Beneath these pressing crises, he identifies two long-standing, opposing forces—one championing freedom, and one aiming to subvert it. “The rule of law, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of expression…All of these have been bipartisan issues for hundreds of years,” Dr. Brat says, before lamenting the ‘value-confusion’ of people of modern times: “People cannot see the basic contrast between freedom and totalitarian regimes. And even in the US, we’re drifting ever so steadily, but steadily toward a bigger and bigger and bigger federal government.” What do our traditions and history tell us about the global conflicts of our times, and how to defuse them?

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