136. (Video) G7 says no to China, stands with Taiwan; China suspends economic dialogue with Australia

A White House advisor warns against making a clear statement on Taiwan. They say backing Taiwan in case of war with China would have “significant downsides.” Seven of the world’s most advanced economies say ‘no’ to Communist China’s human rights abuses. They’re also standing with Taiwan. A U.S. court rules on the fate of the Chinese company. It’s allowed to continue trading on the American stock market, despite its alleged ties to the Chinese military. The World Trade Organization has a new Deputy Director General. The position has been filled by a senior Chinese official, amid growing concerns about Beijing’s unfair trade practices. And Australia is rethinking its 99-year lease to a Chinese firm. The company rents a sea port there. But in the case of war in the South China Sea — it could be part of a key strategy.

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