125. Canadian agency sent viruses to Wuhan lab: probe; China, Russia sow mistrust in western vaccines

A Canadian lab is questioned on why it sent deadly virus samples to China’s Wuhan lab. This, after the Canadian lab refused to present related documents. More than 100 lawmakers around the world say Taiwan should receive an invitation to a World Health Organization forum. That’s because of its glowing track record of pandemic control and prevention. Chinese telecom giant Huawei reported a nearly 17 percent drop in its first quarter revenue. The plunge is mostly due to former U.S. President Trump’s sanctions on China. U.S. President Biden appears to take a tough stance toward Beijing in his 100-day speech. But conservative scholars are concerned about some aspects of his foreign policy. And a Chinese national receives a 14-year prison sentence, over charges tied to Mexican drug cartels. Prosecutors say China-Mexico drug trafficking is now more sophisticated.

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