123. The Threat to Freedom Built into 5G Tech From China; Could U.S. Lead in the Race to 6G | Wide Angle

The 5G vision is one of seamless connectivity between all devices—your phone, car, home, interfacing with the full array of your city’s utilities; cars that drive themselves; traffic lights that adjust their light cadence to match traffic conditions, and trash cans which signal waste disposal to empty them. 6G could take this even further and usher in such sci-fi imaginings as the human brain to computer integration. You need to look no further than China though to see the dark side of this technology. There, the smart city concept has been weaponized for population control. Multitudinous cameras monitor you every step of the way, for Party approved or unapproved behavior. The latter could see you barred from buying airline or train tickets, or accessing medical care. National security expert, General Robert Spalding gives his insights into how this tech threat could take shape in America and what urgently needs to be done to counter it.

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