122. U.S. commanders: declassify China files; Australia’s $580m military upgrades eye Asia

Nine out of the eleven top U.S. commanders plead to declassify more documents. This rare move seeks to confront threats from China and Russia. $580M U.S. dollars, assigned to upgrade Australia’s military. Four northern military bases will be renovated. China’s ambitions expand into space. The Chinese Regime is planning to build a permanent space station, and the first section of it launches this week. Once completed, it’ll join the International Space Station as one of the only fully-operational space stations in orbit. A Chinese internet user has been arrested, after posting online about her brother’s death. He died shortly after getting a Chinese-made vaccine shot. And a dance used to show loyalty to Chinese dictator Mao Zedong returns to Chinese schools. This time, it’s praising the current leader of the Communist Party.

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