104. US-Japan strengthening alliance against China; Unofficial militia: CCP strategy in South China sea

Japan’s Prime Minister becomes the first foreign leader to be hosted at the White House, since Biden took office. At the top of the agenda: Beijing’s growing aggression. Hong Kong is sending some of its most influential pro-democracy figures to prison. The city that was once semi-autonomous now faces Beijing’s crackdown on its remaining dissidents. An official document which appeared to be Taiwan’s Presidential name stamp was found to be fake. The island is accusing Beijing of trying to tear apart Taiwanese society. A loophole in a U.S. telecom ban. The head of the U.S. media regulator says there’s a gap in the rules on Chinese tech giant Huawei. And it’s allowed some U.S. network carriers to keep using the company’s gear. And 20 million so-called “volunteers” aid the Chinese Communist Party in a digital public opinion war. The average age of the helpers is just 19, and some may not be who they say they are.

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