084. Communism Is Harming the Entire World

Former MEP: Communism Is Harming the Entire World
April 5, 2021 | By Minghui correspondent De Long
in Paris, France
Bernard Anthony, a former member of European
Parliament (MEP) from France, said in an interview
on March 27 that he had spent his entire life
combating communism. It is a fight between facts
and lies.
Anthony, 75, used to work in the pharmaceutical
industry in France before he served as an MEP for
15 years. He warned that, although the Berlin Wall
has fallen, communism still exists in China and
keeps expanding globally. Therefore, ending
communism is a responsibility for all of us.
More Dangerous Than the Virus
Anthony said communism had killed at least 100
million people and brought misery to billions of
citizens around the world. This makes communism
more dangerous than the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and it can be considered a virulent variant
of the virus.
Anthony said it is necessary for us to counter the
CCP so that the tragedy that Chinese people are
experiencing will not spread to France and other
parts of the world.
When asked about his motivation for fighting
communism in the past several decades, Anthony
replied that with a deep faith, he has love for his
nation, home, and freedom and thus does not want to
see all those annihilated by communism through its
killing and genocide.
Because the issue of fighting communism is beyond
any one country’s capability, he proposed to tackle
the issue on an international level.
Crime of Genocide
The reporter who interviewed Anthony said there are
many discussions on the genocide committed by the
Nazis, but much fewer talks on the CCP’s atrocity
against Falun Gong practitioners in China. Because
of their belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, Falun Gong practitioners have been
severely tortured and some even became victims of
the forced organ harvesting.
Anthony said this is the worst case we could
imagine. For example, there are probably 100 films
on the Nazi crimes, but only one on the brutality of
communism. Therefore, people tend to focus on the
former. In the past few years, Anthony has worked
hard to advance trials against both the Nazis and
communism. For example, he had a meeting in Paris
urging an international court to process crimes
committed by the CCP.
The brutality of communism can be traced back to
the French Revolution, he added. One example is the
War in the Vendee region. The brutality of the CCP
is also unprecedented. Anthony cited former CCP
leader Mao Zedong, who once vowed to kill 100
times the scholars killed during the reign of Emperor
Shihuang in the Qin Dynasty. But based on numbers
of victims from various political movements, the
number of intellectuals Mao actually killed was at
least one thousand times that during the rule of
Emperor Shihuang, who executed 400 scholars. Communism Is an Evil Religion
Anthony said communism is not something new.
Although it appeared as state power for the first time
when the Soviet Union was established in 1917, its
theory had existed long before that. Some people
believe there were ideologies similar to communism
in Europe during the Middle Ages. Their common
grounds are confiscation of private property,
abolition of family, taking wives from others, and
cutting off ties between parents and children. With
all these changes, the only thing left is pursuit of
materialistic pleasure.
All these indicate that communism is a demon, a
man-made disaster that has infested the world.
Ironically, although communism opposes religions
on the surface, it is essentially a demonic religion
itself. With Marxism as doctrine and communist
members and administrators as clergy, it has
possessed ultimate power.
In China, for example, the CCP has infiltrated many
religions and brainwashed pastors. As a result, those
people are often spreading the communism ideology
on behalf of the CCP. Infiltration in France
Anthony said communism has been pushed through
various countries including France. It is dangerous to
assume the threat of communism is gone with the
collapse of the Berlin Wall.
Of course, the fall of the Berlin Wall was progress.
But that was not enough. This is because
communism still exists in China, North Korea, and
Cuba. Even in France, its ideologies exist in a subtle,
secret way, especially within the public education
system, universities, and news media.
For example, Vladimir Lenin founded the AllRussian Extraction Commission in 1917. Commonly
known as Cheka, it is a secret police organization.
Certain media in France are playing such roles.
Furthermore, communism has dominated many
cultural areas of the French society.
In addition, France had given many products and
technologies to China. There are actually a number
of lobby groups who unconditionally advocate for
China’s interest. Like former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, they have tried all means to reach
deals with communist China.
When he was still a businessman, Anthony said he
had attended forums to sell Airbus airplanes to
China. France also met the request from China to
provide its manufacturing process so that China
would not need to buy airplanes from France several
years later. France had lost these technologies to
China just like a toad unwittingly becoming a prey,
when it is charmed by the opened mouth of a cobra.
Not Collaborating with CCP in Any Form
In a recent article, Anthony emphasized that we
should know that the threat from the CCP not only
affects Chinese people, but also other countries.
China has stolen many industries from France. When
selling products to China, France also gave away
technologies. This happened in the aircraft industry
and some other businesses. Anthony said the current
situation with the pandemic is disappointing.
Coming from the pharmaceutical industry, he knew
France once dominated in pharmaceuticals. But those days are gone, because the CCP has taken
control of both the economy and ideology.
One may wonder why China wants to develop
aircraft carriers or equip nuclear weapons on its
intercontinental rockets. Apparently, invading
Taiwan is not its end goal. Expanding its military
power to other regions fits its agenda of securing its
economic dominance.
Citing quotes from Pope Pius XI, Anthony said
communism is fundamentally evil and history had
proven this. Therefore, to preserve our civilization,
we should not collaborate with communism in any
Raising Awareness
Letting more people know these facts through radio
and television stations is very important, said
Anthony. Thousands of people from various
backgrounds had supported him for an international
trial against communism. But it still has not become
a reality. For the Nazis, the Nuremberg Tribunal had
executed key criminals. Right now, the focus is not whom to execute; Rather, we need to explain facts of
history and establish a detailed record.
Anthony said the society we are living in is messy,
but we have to face it. The education system has
flaws and the media system has been infiltrated. That
is why more independent and free radio and
television networks are needed. We need to work on
building these networks because it is not fighting for
an ideology, but a battle for truth.

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