069. China Bans UK MPs Over Uyghur Sanctions

The sanction war between Europe and China has reached a new high, as Beijing expands its sanctions to UK citizens. Up to 15 Chinese embassies in Europe are protesting against their host countries’ governments, coming after the European Union issued sanctions against China over human rights abuses in Xinjiang.
A photo showcased by China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman is found to be fake. She said it depicted 19th century black slaves in America picking cotton, claiming it is evidence of U.S. hypocrisy. But the photo’s real backstory says otherwise.
Hong Kong is one step closer to authoritarianism, coming after a court ruled that simply talking about Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests could be considered a crime.
And what’s behind the Chinese communist regime’s recent increased aggression? An expert argues the Chinese Communist Party believes the time has come to change the world order.

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