059. US Needs a Strong Counterattack Against CCP

US Needs a Strong Counterattack as the CCP Regime Poses the Biggest Threat

Commentary by Yang Wei
March 12, 2021
Since President Joe Biden took office, his administration has repeatedly emphasized that “America is back.” The Biden administration’s foreign policies have attempted to be all-encompassing by demonstrating leadership in all areas, but so far, the new administration still does not have an effective approach to deal with the Chinese communist regime. Leading the world will be just an empty phrase if the United States cannot muster enough strength for a powerful pushback against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
The CCP is now openly challenging the power of the United States, and it has been preparing for this for 71 years.
The CCP sent troops to the Korean peninsula, invaded South Korea, and entered a war with the United States in 1950. Since then, the CCP has never stopped its anti-U.S. propaganda. The CCP has regarded the United States as an enemy since the beginning.
Deng Xiaoping’s approach of “hiding one’s capabilities and biding one’s time” was a means to blindfold and deceive the United States and the West. And, it did fool many people. It was only after Xi Jinping came to power and publicly stated, “The vast Pacific Ocean has ample space to accommodate both China and the United States” that the United States really woke up.
On Feb. 10, when Biden spoke with Xi on the phone, Xi still claimed that the issue of Taiwan and issues relating to Hong Kong and Xinjiang are China’s internal affairs and that the United States should respect and act with caution. Later, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai drew a direct “red line” in this regard. Xi also said during the call that China and the United States, as permanent members of the UN Security Council, have special international responsibilities and obligations. Both sides should follow the world trend and work together to maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region.
Faced with direct and open challenges from the CCP, the United States needs to launch a strong counterattack in order to demonstrate its ability to lead the world. Being defensive alone or avoiding the CCP, without taking counterattacking actions, will not only fail to contain the CCP’s provocations, but will instead encourage the CCP to intensify its efforts. I am concerned that U.S. leadership in the world will be continuously eroded. It will even be difficult to preserve its own security and interests.
The CCP’s direct challenge to the United States may be less than a decade long, but its infiltration of the United States and its covert global struggle has been going on for decades.
The Chinese Regime is the Greatest Threat to the United States
In recent years, the CCP’s military expansion has been in full swing in the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, and the East China Sea. In addition, the CCP has attempted to start a global military framework as soon as possible through its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The CCP claimed its intermediate-range ballistic missile DF-26, also known as “Guam Killer,” has a range of 3,400 miles which means it could potentially target the U.S. Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. If the United States is not able to fight back with strength, but on the contrary allows the CCP to expand and establish its global framework, the security of the United States itself will be in question. So, how can we talk about leadership then?
By using massive subsidies and export dumping on the one hand, and erecting trade barriers on the other, the CCP has successfully crushed a significant portion of the U.S. manufacturing industries. To many people’s surprise, the United States has relied heavily on imports from China for many essential goods, including masks, vaccine syringes, a large number of medicines, and various industrial products.
Behind the huge trade deficit numbers, there is a direct threat to the basic livelihood of the United States, and it has led to a high unemployment rate. The CCP continues to acquire U.S. dollars to expand its armaments, expand the “Belt and Road” Initiative, and exert influence in the international arena.
The CCP has been challenging the United States not only for world leadership, but it has also been encroaching on U.S. soil. Technology theft like the “Thousand Talents Plan” has left the United States off guard, with the direct and large-scale involvement of the CCP’s embassies and consulates. Had the Chinese Consulate in Houston not burned the materials, the outside world would have had little idea how serious it was.
China’s Thousand Talents Plan is one of the most prominent Chinese talent recruitment plans designed to attract, recruit, and cultivate high-level scientific talent in furtherance of China’s scientific development, economic prosperity, and national security.
It seeks to lure Chinese overseas talent and foreign experts to bring their knowledge and experience to China, and they often reward individuals for stealing proprietary information, the Department of Justice said.
How can the United States truly stop the CCP’s theft by only blocking it without bringing the bandits to justice and putting them behind bars?
The United States can’t defend itself from the CCP’s cyberattacks. And if it doesn’t fight back, it’s a sitting duck.
The Confucius Institute is on the rise in the United States. Its extensive infiltration of both America’s political and business world and the capture of Congressmen by beautiful “honey trap” spies are just the tip of the iceberg.
The world will be stunned if it is revealed how many Americans have been acting as the CCP’s agents and lobbying the White House, the U.S. Capitol, and all levels of the U.S. government. The CCP has been “exporting revolution” to the United States, and more and more socialist and communist slogans and agendas are being brought to the forefront.
More Americans are waking up, but the dark forces of evil have also been building up their strength over the decades.
The CCP’s mouthpiece is directly engaged in its propaganda campaigns in the United States. All types of social media have become propaganda channels for the CCP, and ads glorifying the CCP are played at will in New York’s Times Square.
If the Trump administration had not vigorously banned and blocked Huawei, the 5G network in the United States could have fallen into the hands of the CCP, and Europe could have fallen as well. Would the United States still have a leadership position then? The blocking of Huawei exemplifies a successful counterattack against the CCP’s challenge. Only by continuously implementing such counterattacks can the United States truly defuse the CCP’s provocations and destroy its ambitions.
Counterattack Is the Way to Win
The United States cannot stop the provocations and attacks of the CCP by being defensive alone. Evasion is self-destructive. The United States needs to counter the evil Communist regime in all aspects, to make the CCP lose its ability to provoke, in order to truly uphold justice and universal values and to convince the world to side with the United States.
This is the way for the United States to maintain its leadership in the world.
The CCP openly provokes the western values of democracy and freedom and openly provokes universal values in Hong Kong. The United States needs to “galvanize” the West to stop the CCP from undermining Hong Kong’s freedom and democracy. If Hong Kong is lost, how can Burma and Taiwan hold on?
If the United States fails to be at the forefront of the fight against the CCP, its global leadership position will be in jeopardy.
Likewise, the United States should take the lead in going after the CCP for concealing the epidemic. The CCP’s attempt to use the pandemic for hegemony was aimed most notably at the United States, and it has partially achieved its goal, with the United States suffering enormous losses of life and property as a result. If the U.S. government shies away from holding the CCP accountable for the pandemic, it will lose its leading influence in the world and will be subject to more insidious tricks by the CCP.
As long as the Chinese Communist regime continues to exist, it will not give up being an enemy of the United States. This is not the idea of Xi Jinping alone, but the essence of the Chinese Communist regime.
The CCP dictatorship, facing the free world, will always have a sense of crisis and inferiority. It is the CCP regime’s innate need to bring down the United States and the free world. World domination is the CCP regime’s unchanging goal. While the United States has completely failed in its past attempts to change the CCP’s policies, the CCP has been trying to change the United States.
If the United States is to remain a world leader, countering the Chinese Communist regime should be the most critical thread in its foreign relations. If the United States continues to ignore the CCP’s infiltration and challenges, even if it tries to advance more and different diplomatic agendas, it is putting the cart before the horse.
The United States should not be passive and defensive against the Chinese regime’s provocations, but should also be proactive and take both offensive and defensive measures to win. There is no race in the world that can be won by being defensive alone, and avoidance and dodging will lead to defeat. It is not that difficult to set up policies to serve this purpose.
The international situation may seem complex, but it becomes simple when one examines the core issues. When focusing on political maneuvering it is certainly easy to get lost, but standing on the height of conformity to history, it will soon become clear.
The Biden administration should formulate a strategy to counter the CCP as soon as possible so that the United States can naturally continue to be embraced as a world leader.
Yang Wei has been closely following China affairs for many years. He has been contributing political commentary on China for the Chinese language Epoch Times since 2019.

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