029. The Communist Program

The Communist Program

J. R. Nyquist
January 27, 2021
At that point the shift in the political and military balance would be plain for all to see. Convergence would … be on terms dictated by the communist bloc. The argument for accommodation with the overwhelming strength of communism would be virtually unanswerable. Pressures would build up for changes in the American political and economic system…. Traditional conservatives would be isolated and driven toward extremism. They might become the victims of a new McCarthyism of the left.
–Anatoliy Golitsyn, New Lies for Old, p. 346
America is on the road to socialism. Friedrich Hayek called it The Road to Serfdom. Presently it is a road lined with soldiers, in a capital fortified and afraid. One might ask how a socialist dictatorship begins? Always, it begins with fear. First there is fear on the side of the government. Then the government begins to make the people afraid. It is all part of a “process.”
Will this “process” go quickly or slowly? It all depends on the pace of change set by the new administration. The country is psychologically vulnerable. People do not know what they are doing. They have lived in relative comfort and safety all their lives, and they have long employed a loose and sometimes confused language in their political discussions; so they are mentally ill-equipped to grasp the complex process that is now unfolding. One might say that Americans, as a people, have lost their intellectual focus. We have forgotten that the apparent does not exhaust the real. In other words, there is more going on than meets the eye. And now is when we need imagination married to intellect; but all we see is intellect divorced from imagination, with imagination huddling in a paranoid corner.
The question of where we are headed, and at what speed, might well be found in the Program of the Communist Party USA. This program was adopted in 2005 and updated in 2019. I will be quoting mostly from the 2005 version. But to start out, I will quote from the party’s April 2020 Preface – which begins exactly as Biden began his presidency: “All of humanity is faced with multiple, interlocking crises – in the economy, in our shared environment, in extreme weather disasters, in the growing danger of pandemics.”
(As we go through the Communist Program together, you may notice a remarkable alignment between the Communist Party strategy and the policies of the Democratic Party. If you want to understand this alignment, please read Trevor Loudon’s massive volume, The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress. Readers who go through Loudon’s volume will be surprised at the number of communist-connected politicians in the Democratic Party. These are by no means minor politicians and include both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.)
One of the first curiosities we encounter in the communist text is repeated references to something the communists call the “ultra-right.” Who is the ultra-right? It is Christians and patriots who want to defend and uphold the Constitution against enemies, foreign and domestic. Of course, this is my definition of the ultra-right. As you will see, the communists have a less flattering way of describing such people. From the communist point of view, Christian and patriotic defenders of the Constitution are bigots and imperialists, monopoly capitalists and militarists.
According to the Communist Program, “The solution to ultra-right domination lies in building the broadest, most inclusive unity among our multinational, male/female, multigenerational working class, starting with the labor movement, racially and nationally oppressed people, women, and youth. We must unite lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight people; professionals and intellectuals; seniors; and the disabled; and the mass people’s movements including the peace, environmental, health care, education, housing, and other movements. This all-people’s front to defeat the ultra-right is in the process of developing … to protect special programs and services, to win health care for all, and to win control of all three branches of government from the right wing.” (P. 5)
This exposition leads us to three questions. First Question: How can the communists take over all three branches of government if they aren’t running communists for office? Second question: Are the communists using another political party to take control of government? Third Question: Given the obvious answer to questions one and two: Have the communists now won all three branches of government under a false Democratic flag?
In 1983 I attended a communist meeting at the Science Lecture Hall of the University of California at Irvine. A communist gave a lecture on how the Communist Party USA was planning to take over the Democratic Party through its left wing and run a stealth communist for president. For me the answer to the three questions is perfectly obvious. Of course, the apparent does not exhaust the real.
The Communist Program says they are building an “all-people’s front … to win control of all three branches of government….” Who do you think their candidates were in the last election? One need not factor in Biden’s special relationship with Beijing. Set aside, for the moment, his characterization of the Chinese communists as “good people.” Also, take no notice of Biden’s son, Hunter, who took money from the Mayor of Moscow’s wife. That is not important here. Just read the Communist Program for America. If you begin to feel ill, I assure you: It’s nothing you ate; but it may be related to something you once swallowed (i.e., that communism is dead, that the Soviet Union is no more, that the KGB folded shop).
To understand what the communists are trying to accomplish in America, let us begin with the following important sentences in their Program: “The peoples of the world need a new economic order, one which helps countries to develop at the expense of imperialism and the transnationals. This will require replacement of the current capitalist international economic institutions with ones led by anti-imperialist countries.” (P. 19)
So, there it is. The Communist Party USA is laboring so that America will not be the world’s leading country. As their Program states, they want to replace the current economic order, based on U.S. global leadership, with a new order “led by anti-imperialist countries.” And who are these anti-imperialist countries? If you don’t know, I’ll list a few of them: China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, South Africa, Congo, Zimbabwe, Angola, Nicaragua, Iran, Russia, etc.
Are you beginning to grasp how this works?
The communists have written up a bill of indictment against the United States as follows: “Our country, our people, and our environment are all being destroyed by the greed of a few obscenely wealthy capitalist groupings. Our world is threatened by the ravages of capitalist globalization, by relentless efforts to drive wages down to the lowest possible level, by attempts to destroy unions and all protections won by workers through struggle, by the spread of toxic wastes, and by imperialist war. We can’t and won’t let this continue.”
When your goal is to bring down a great country, you need to make a strong case against that country. More than that, you need to sabotage that country’s economy. You need to hurt its energy sector. You need to increase unemployment. Come to think of it, what was the first thing President Biden did on entering office. He canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, costing 11,000 U.S. jobs and weakening our energy independence (thereby strengthening Russia and Venezuela). Call it one of several “coincidences.”
According to the Communist Program, “We need radical solutions, real democracy, and real unity.” If this theme was echoed in President Biden’s inaugural, it will be chalked up by many to yet another coincidence. Please disregard this for now. Whatever Biden means by “democracy and unity,” we will leave it for the reader to decide. What the communists mean by unity is the construction of an “all-people’s front” against the “ultra-right.” What they mean by democracy is the “enlargement” of democracy by the inclusion of every conceivable victim group into the “all-people’s front.”
In each stage of struggle, say the communists, a strategy must be developed. “The world and domestic balance of forces” must be considered. The goal here is to build “socialist consciousness,” which necessarily excludes all other kinds of consciousness. Socialist unity, in this context, simultaneously seeks to divide and conquer the non-socialist world by assigning people to various “oppressed” groups in order to build the largest possible “democratic” coalition. On page 25 of the Communist Program, it states: “The U.S. Constitution, as originally written, placed many restrictions on democracy, so from the time of the country’s founding there has been a continual battle to extend democracy.”
Therefore the communists are building a united “all-people’s front” of victims – of oppressed and exploited persons – who are indoctrinated to stand against the “ultra-right” and deliver the country into communist hands. This vast coalition of “oppressed” Americans will vote to strip away the Constitution, which prevents full democracy from being implemented. “The struggle to protect and expand democracy is the way to defeat the ultra-right,” says the Communist Program. “It is the way to prevent fascism.” This, of course, is why they want an open border – so they can flood the country with new “democratic voters” who are easier to manipulate because they are poor and desperate.
Of course, there is an aspect of democracy which the communists refer to as “economic democracy.” This is the idea – which is very appealing to the poor – that everyone is entitled to a “fair share” of goodies from the “rich.” Of course, who is “rich”? The rich, in this case, is anyone with money who is not aligned with the communists. As a sidenote: If this process of revolutionary spoliation goes on long enough, nearly everyone outside the communist party will be desperately poor and dependent on the government; and that will leave them without any means of resistance. To quote Trotsky on the matter, “In a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition means death by slow starvation.”
Communist spoliation also turns an economy into a zero-sum game; first, because socialism kills the goose that laid the golden egg; and second, because the ruling party will take what it wants at everyone else’s expense. Violence and mass theft are intrinsic to communism. Why? Because “democratic struggle” merely brings the “people’s forces to the brink of socialism.” [Italics added] To push the country into outright socialism you need to deploy violent means because mass killing and expropriations go together. You cannot take property from millions of people without killing many of those same people. Thus the Communist Program alludes to “sharp struggles to protect and expand democracy.” Those “sharp struggles” will involve the imposition of a secret police regime, making opposition to “democracy” a criminal offense. This will be justified on the grounds that the ultra-right will oppose “economic democracy,” which is the true essence of socialism.
If Mao Zedong said that “All reactionaries are paper tigers,” the American communists are not so sanguine. That is why they need militant cadres – like the thugs from Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They need a very large coalition of “oppressed” and angry minorities to fill out their fighting ranks. “Historically and continuing today,” says the Communist Program, “African Americans and their organizations play a tremendous role in democratic and class struggles and in building alliances with progressive movements….”
In their effort to divide and conquer America by race, the communists have singled out black Americans as ripe for recruitment. This is a logical strategy, by no means as benevolent as it might seem. African Americans, after all, are Americans. When the dark side of communism emerges, blacks will be oppressed along with everyone else.
The Communist Program also sees a special role for Mexican Americans. The communists say the Mexican people in America are the “fastest growing” part of the population. Mexicans face “language discrimination,” job discrimination, cultural suppression, anti-immigrant laws and abuses, police brutality and hate crimes. One might ask why Mexicans keep immigrating to America if they are treated so abominably. But then, of course, the communists want the Mexicans to think of themselves as victims so they will join their “people’s front.” And here again, opening the border allows the communists to expand their ranks. (And, indeed, Joe Biden also loves that open border, coincidentally.)
While we’re talking about the oppression of the blacks and Mexicans, we might as well pencil in the struggle for “other indigenous peoples,” as well as “Arabs and Middle Eastern peoples.” If any overseas culture is incompatible with American culture, let us bring them here in large numbers. All the better to divide and conquer the whole. New Muslim citizens are sure to be democratic voters, signifying an even larger people’s front, hurrying democracy toward socialism. To further enrage the Muslims against America, the communists love to dwell upon America’s “imperialist wars” against Iraq and Afghanistan. Bringing the “victims of imperialism” into the imperialist heartland is a particularly delicious strategy. The Communist Party Program states, “a substantial majority of Arabs, Muslims, and South Asian peoples in the U.S. have become active opponents of the ultra-right.” (P. 34)
Besides gathering every aggrieved victim of “imperialism” within our borders, the communists see women as their most important weapon of conquest. “Working class women suffer additional forms of oppression and exploitation than do male workers,” says the Communist Program. “The capitalists gain super-profits as a result….” Here the communists have played a dirty double game, since it was the communists who insisted that women abandon their protected status of homemakers and mothers. Lest anyone forget, Betty Friedan and other leading feminists were communists. Make the women into workers, make them miserable, turn them against the men, and win a new batch of angry victims for the cause. There is no real care for the happiness of women in this political game; and it goes without saying that the communists would never ask women to return to the kitchen. “Like racism,” says the Communist Program, “sexism is a key tool of the ruling class against all women….” According to the communists, “There is an ultra-right ideological attack on women’s role in society and the family, trying to force women to revert to a submissive role, to limit them to issues of family and children, and to assign blame [to them] for the high rate of divorce….” Here the communists want to eat their cake and have it. If women go to work, they are “doubly-exploited” by capitalism. If they stay home, they are reverting to a “submissive role.” (P. 37)
The Communist Program sees women as the most numerous victim group of all, and the most psychologically vulnerable. But there are other psychologically vulnerable groups: like children raised without mothers at home, or raised in single-parent households. The communists tell us that “youth and students” are also oppressed. “Capitalism seeks to use youth as cannon fodder in its imperialist adventures.” In addition, says the Communist Program, “there is an ultra-right ideological assault on youth, especially youth of color.” (P. 38)
We should not shortchange the many other victim groups in communism’s “all-people’s front”: Chinese-Americans, the elderly and the disabled. Above all, we should not forget the gays, lesbians and transgendered. According to the communists, “The ultra-right uses homophobia and attacks on gays and lesbians as wedges to divide its opposition.” These attacks on gays and lesbians are allegedly launched by the Christian Right, a subgroup of the “ultra-right.” (Please note: The inclusion of gays and lesbians in the “all-people’s front” is a communist master-stroke, paving the way for the exclusion and persecution of traditional Christians who have always been a problem for the communists).
Chapter 4 of the Communist Program is titled “Unity Against the Ultra-Right.” The Communist Program defines the ultra-right as “the military industrial complex, the oil and energy industries … the pharmaceuticals …. sections of the high-tech industry, finance capital, and massive manufacturing and distributive giants, such as Wal-Mart. The Ultra-right includes ‘neo-conservatives,’ social and fiscal conservatives, religious fundamentalists, nativists, libertarians, and other right-wing trends.” (P. 48-49)
The communists claim that the ultra-right has reduced government spending “on the needs of the poor, the nationally and racially oppressed, and the working class, while increasing various forms of subsidy and tax cuts for big corporations and the super-rich.” The communists claim that America is not “an ordinary bourgeois-democratic regime. It has a conservative-authoritarian nature, which rather than seeking to unite the capitalist class through compromise, instead seeks to dominate less militaristic sections of the capitalist class.” Thus, the wicked imperialists of big business “impose the most reactionary policies on all politicians and the corporate forces they represent. The current ultra-right conservative-authoritarian policies … escalate the danger of fascism.”
While the Communist Program warns against overstating “the fascist danger,” they nonetheless see this danger as real. Fascism, say the communists, “is the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, militarist, racist section of monopoly capital. Fascism is not inevitable, but the working class and allied forces will not be able to prevent the ultra-right section of the capitalist class from moving further towards fascism unless we combat pressures and structural changes in that direction….” (P. 50)
The communist text reminds us that reactionary concepts of “freedom and democracy” signify only “freedom for the corporations and democracy for the few.” Returning to the theme of American imperialism, the communists say that the ultra-right “claims the moral right to attack any country it wants, to conduct war without end until it succeeds everywhere, and even to use ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons and militarize space. Whoever does not support U.S. policy is condemned as an opponent.” (P. 50)
According to the communists, the attacks of September 11, 2001, were “a smokescreen” to take away people’s “constitutional rights of free speech and assembly….” Furthermore, “The ultra-right’s open and covert uses of racism divide and weaken its opposition. It means an increase in the repressive power of the police and their racist practices. It means continual and increasing restrictions on democratic rights, including the right to vote. It demagogically uses right-wing religious prejudices … to eliminate separation of church and state. It means a growth of military spending and of the military industrial complex. It means a growth of nationalist ideology, jingoism, and xenophobia.” (P. 50)
According to the communists, the ultra-right’s most important effort is their “appeal to the Christian Right.” This is based on “a false championing of ‘family values’ and ‘human life.’ In reality they oppose women’s reproductive rights, attack civil liberties of the LGBT community, oppose all affirmative action to move towards equality….” (P. 51)
As any reader can see, much of the Communist Program bears a marked resemblance to the rhetoric of leading Democrat politicians. How is this to be explained? According to the communists, the Democratic Party leadership, though still “imperialist,” is nonetheless ready to “ameliorate social discontent.” The Democrats are therefore a ready vehicle for the communists because they have rallied “African American and Latino communities to gain representation, as well as [being] the main mechanism used to elect labor, progressive, and even Left activists to public office….” The communists add the following caveat, however: “There exists an internal struggle within the Democratic Party between centrist forces who collaborate with the right wing, and centrist forces opposed to the right wing. Those opposed to the right wing are often willing to align with progressive elements that seek to defeat the program of the ultra-right.” (P. 54)
Here, the reader needs to stop for a moment and absorb one further thought; namely, that the communists infiltrate both the right and the left. Their agents work to polarize the United States because infiltration combined with polarization has successfully pushed all factions to the left even as it benefits the “all-people’s front.” One of the benefits of infiltrating the right is to ensure a preponderance of people who can be compromised and blackmailed, or who can be criminally indicted when the time is ripe. In the future we will see many mistakes and scandals on the right. How many of these will be of native origin, and how many will owe to agent provocateurs, may never be known; but make no mistake, the communists and their foreign allies are continuously active within all important political factions. Anyone engaged in politics should know this; yet nobody seems to have the requisite discernment. For example, the odd claim that Trump was a Russian agent was never borne out by facts. The people who leveled the accusation had no sense of who a Russian agent might be; and, for all that, they were more likely to accuse an innocent person than a guilty one. Our political culture is, in this regard, without discernment; and the cause may be found in the general greed, ambition and immorality of journalists, politicians, spies and analysts. The connection here may be lost on many readers, so I will put it another way: Dishonesty and vanity do not coincide with discernment. The light of truth, betrayed inside the soul, necessarily results in a dimming of the intellect.
Returning to our theme, the communists believe their path to victory lies within the dialectic of the Democratic Party. There are, according to the communists, two kinds of Democrats: (1) Democrats who will support the right wing; (2) Democrats who will oppose the right wing. Logically, the communists are eager the strengthen the latter faction. This can be done by continued agitation and propaganda and by enlarging their coalition of victim groups within the Party. These, in turn, will apply increasing pressure on elected officials. Thus the communist text advocates “the widest possible unity of all class and social forces whose interests run counter to those of the most reactionary section of the transnationals.” By forming an all-inclusive coalition to crush the right, the communists also hope to attract moderate Republican voters. This struggle, they say, is “of great significance.” To defeat the right’s political power means a direct encounter with America’s “extreme reactionaries, militarists, and racists” who may “seek to impose fascism – an open terrorist dictatorship of big capital.” To defeat these elements, “Only the replacement of capitalism … by socialism can finally do away with the ultra-right threat.”
This is what the communist are doing – in Washington, D.C., and throughout the country. It is by no means all that they’re doing. There are many different communist organizations and actors engaged in a wide variety of activities. Yet here, in the Program of the Communist Party USA, we see an outline that is clear and easy to follow. Are they ready to push the country into full socialism? Probably yes. The only question is the expected “fascist” push from the ultra-right. Is this a communist fantasy? Or will the right actually resist as we are pushed all the way into socialism? And further: Would violent action from the right accelerate the communist plan, allowing them to consolidate their dictatorship? Or would it stop them?

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