436. (Video) State Sanctioned Killing for Organs Could Spread Beyond China If Not Challenged: Dr Torsten Trey

The Chinese government’s practice of forced organ harvesting often uses prisoners of conscience as a living pool for human organs, and these people are killed on demand in a murder-for-profit operation. Governments around the world, including in the United States and UK, have publicly condemned Chinese authorities for the practice, and the collection of evidence has made the issue an unavoidable topic in human rights circles. To learn more about the Chinese government’s practice of forced organ harvesting, and what’s being done to stop it, we sat down for an interview with Dr. Torsten Trey, founder of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH).

435. (Video) China looks to weaponize global infrastructure: report; Milley defends China calls as within duties

China has been on a buying spree for seaports around the world. But what’s driving it? As the world’s largest export nation, China’s concerned about keeping shipping lanes open. But is there more to it? The top U.S. military officer defends his controversial phone calls to Beijing earlier this year, saying he acted within his duties. Beijing’s overseas mouthpiece is teaching parents how to educate their kids on racism. That’s through an English-language cartoon. But a U.S. nonprofit is sounding the alarm about its message. And will Chinese real estate giant Evergrande be the next Lehman Brothers? Or is it, “too big to fail?” An expert explains.

434. (Video) 15 buildings demolished in 45 seconds; General Milley asked to resign over China calls

A top U.S. general is in hot water. A report says he secretly called his Chinese counterpart twice. During those calls, he reportedly said he’d inform China should the United States decide to attack. Taiwan seems to be taking Beijing’s aggression seriously. New military drills are gearing up for a specific scenario: in the case of China taking out the island’s military airfields. Fifteen high-rises in China have now been blasted to pieces. The buildings had been sitting unfinished for over eight years. A Chinese Communist Party media mouthpiece officially labels U.S. billionaire investor George Soros a “terrorist,” after Soros angered Beijing.

432. (Video) Chinese warships go into US economic zone; Chinese destroyer spotted near Japan | China in Focus

Chinese warships have entered America’s exclusive economic zone. Chinese state-run media are calling it a countermeasure against the United States. A Chinese ship rams into a Japanese ship after coast guard ships from both countries had a confrontation over disputed territory. Wikipedia is banning a group of article editors from mainland China. The users reportedly threatened to doxx and report Hong Kong users over political disagreements. A Chinese man says he learned about Hong Kong’s fight for freedom through foreign social media. But after he voiced his support online, something went wrong. A college graduate from Hong Kong tells NTD her story after fleeing to the United States to avoid the Chinese Communist Party’s oppression.

431. (Video) China Evergrande investors protest at headquarters; Strong winds, rain: typhoon heads for China

A new CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus outbreak hits China. A man tests positive after three weeks in quarantine and testing negative nine times. A super typhoon is heading toward South China. It’s losing strength along the way, but coastal areas are still bracing themselves. Beijing’s World Robot Conference featured a Chinese-speaking Albert Einstein, backflipping dogs, and AI nurses. But controversy is stirring despite the grand displays. Investors who backed China’s second-largest property developer are demanding their money back. Nearly 300 real estate companies reportedly filed for bankruptcy already this year. If their company joins the list, it could send shockwaves through China’s economy. A Wall Street Journal investigation accuses Tiktok of allegedly promoting sexual content to minors.

430. (Video) Live Q&A: Biden to Announce Global COVID Measures; Vaccines May be Authorized for Children

President Joe Biden is expected to announce global measures for COVID-19 this week, according to the Surgeon General. And in other news, the FDA may soon approve the Pfizer vaccine for children as young as 5, according to the former FDA chief. In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp we’ll discuss these stories and others, and answer questions from the audience.

429. (Video) Xi Jinping Controls Private Industry in China | Zooming In China

Billionaire investor George Soros, a frequent critic of Xi Jinping’s regime, spoke out again on Monday, charging mutual fund giant BlackRock with misunderstanding China under Xi’s rule and risking their clients’ money and US national security in the process. At the heart of that misunderstanding is BlackRock’s belief that there is a fundamental difference between state-owned and private industry within China, but following crackdowns on Jack Ma and Alibaba, Didi and other Chinese companies listing on American stock exchanges, and tech giants like Tencent, that is no longer the case. As crackdowns now spill into other industries, including education and entertainment, and as Xi increases the pace of his march toward dictatorship, questions of whether any company in China is free from CCP control and just how deep American investments in China should be are more pressing than ever.